Advanced Scheduling Made Simple

Scheduling your employees doesn’t have to be a weekly guessing game. TimeSimplicity’s easy-to-use features will help you easily create, manage and share schedules with your employees within minutes. TimeSimplicity streamlines the entire scheduling process by saving you time, helping you effectively manage overtime and ensuring the shift coverage you need!

Drag and Drop Functionality

Easily drag-and-drop employee shifts where you need them.

Eliminates Overstaffing

Eliminates over staffing, reduces, overtime, and quickly identifies gaps in coverage before it’s too late.

Cloud Based

TimeSimplicity is cloud based, so you’ll have access 24/7 and there is no software to install or servers to maintain.

Integrated with Time & Attendance

TimeSimplicity allows full integration with leading time and attendance systems.

Make Scheduling Easy Again with Features and Benefits

Tackling weekly schedules is no simple task. But it can be when you partner with Clock-In Solutions and harness the power of TimeSimplicity and its rich feature set. Completely web-based with nothing to install, quick to set up and operate, and equally as quick to learn and teach your workforce—TimeSimplicity’s ease of use and adoption quickly helps your investment pay for itself.

Employee Trade Board

TimeSimplicity’s Trade Board feature essentially creates a message board that enables employees to initiate shift trades with their manager by placing these requests online. And since Trade Board utilizes TimeSimplicity’s Email & Text Collaboration feature, once approved the employees are notified immediately and can respond to any shift change requests. Employees no longer have to wait for their managers to circulate requests on their behalf. Managers can quickly view, monitor and approve shift request changes online.

Time and Attendance Integration

TimeSimplicity offers full integration with TimeWorksPlus and other major time and attendance systems. If your scheduling system doesn’t integrate with your time and attendance system, then your time and attendance system
is basically a time system without the attendance!

TimeSimplicity’s Integration Will:

Simplify the new hire process. (You won’t have to enter employees in multiple systems!)

Utilize existing systems’ “Time Off” management. Once in TimeSimplicity, you’ll have full visibility and the system will prevent you from scheduling people on their days off.

Seamlessly bring in organization codes and their employee assignments.

Push schedules back into time and attendance system to allow for full functionality (absents, tardiness, early out, and points systems).

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