Questions About TimeWorksPlus & Time Keeping Products

What is TimeWorksPlus?

Our solution is a web-based, automated timekeeping service that is suitable for businesses both large and small.  It was designed to offer exceptional user ease through its online administrative service and through the use of “plug and play” hardware (hardware optional) to collect employee punch data.  Employees can clock in/out through the following (below) to record employees punches, depending on your choice of collection device(s).

  • Badge cards
  • PIN (Personal Identification Number)
  • Biometric finger scan
  • Biometric hand geometry scan
  • Proximity badge card
  • Proximity key fob
  • Over the phone
  • Through a web/mobile browser

(Hardware sold separately. Please ask for more information.)

How does it work?

The solution offers online administrative accounts for managing employee labor data by supervisors and payroll staff, and a variety of hardware options to collect and send the employee punches to the Internet. Data can be sent in real time or nightly, depending on the device chosen, to report employee labor hours.

Aside from basic time tracking, what other features does your timekeeping service provide?

In addition to a variety of collection methods and connectivity options, the system offers numerous features and settings to accommodate the needs of hundreds of industries. For more information on features, visit the TimeWorksPlus page.

How long does it take to get set up?

Getting your timekeeping account up and running quickly is one of the things we do best. Depending upon the collection method you choose, the setup time can vary slightly; however, our time clocks were designed to be set up in a matter of minutes. Our focus is to offer “plug and play” convenience. Our clocks typically do not require much more than a power outlet and phone/internet connection. (Note: With certain devices, the assistance of a installation professional may be required.)

How does the service track job costing?

At the time of clock IN/OUT the employee can be prompted to enter the data needed for job costing. For example, the clock can be programmed to prompt the employee to enter a job code, department, amount of sales, tips, etc. Reports can then be run to filter by employee, job code, department, etc. to quantify and organize the data collected from the employees throughout the day.

What type of reports do you have to offer?

We offer a selection of reports to assist in your labor management, each of which may be altered, filtered, or sorted in a variety ways to better accommodate reporting needs. The following are some examples of reports we offer:

  • Summary Report
  • Detail Report
  • Single Day Summary Report
  • Daily E-mail Report
  • Labor Code Report
  • Work Month Report (PPACA compliance)

Does your service support multiple departments with multiple pay rates?

Yes. Employees with multiple departments and multiple pay rates are supported.

Does your service offer Rounding options?

Yes. We offer a wide variety of “global” rules, along with the ability to create custom rounding scripts for clients who posses special rounding schedules.

How does your system handle Overtime?

Standard OT rules for individual states are available. Custom scripting also enables us to accommodate an assortment of additional OT settings.

Is there a way to bulk import employee data into our account?

Yes. Using a simple Excel spreadsheet with labeled columns the employee data may be imported into the system.

Is there a limit to the number of supervisors one client can have in the system?

No. Feel free to create as many supervisors as needed.

Can I restrict a supervisor from seeing wages on the timecards?

Yes. When setting up a supervisor login, the supervisor can be filtered to view only assigned departments, locations or employees. They can also be filtered to either see wages or not, edit punches or not, and add/edit employee data or not.

Does your service notify the supervisor of missed punches?

Yes. If an employee has a missing punch, his/her name will appear in red in the Employee List along with the number of punches missing. We also offer a free Daily E-mail Report, which provides activity for the previous day and also displays missing punches.

Can employees view their time cards?

Yes. Employees may view their time card using an Internet browser. An employee must have a web password to view their timecard. Employees are not able to edit their time card using their employee login ID and password, but may be given permission to edit their own time card through a supervisor login ID and password.

Can an employee clock IN at one location and OUT at another location?

Yes. Employees can clock in and out at each location and/or through any collection device assigned to the account.

Can an employee clock into more that one "job code" during a shift?

By activating the “Out Punch Completion” option, employees do not have to clock OUT of one “job” and IN to the next. They simply clock IN to each “job” after completing the previous one. The system will then automatically generate an OUT punch for the previous “job.” The only time an employee will need to actually clock OUT (using the 2 key) is at the end of their shift.

How do I send my timekeeping data electronically for payroll processing?

In most cases, an electronic file can be generated for payroll processing rather than faxing or phoning in your data. This process will save you significant time and reduce human error risk in preparing your data.

Questions About TimeSimplicity

How do I prevent employees from seeing the schedule until I'm done working on it?

The schedule is not available for your employees to review until you Publish the schedule. Once the schedule is Published, it is made available for the employee to see and any changes you make thereafter will be provided to the employee via a notification.

I do I add a position to an employee?

There are two places within the system to add a position to an employee. Go to Main Menu->Employee->Employees and select the Codes tab. Or, you can go to Main Menu->Rules->Org Codes and select the Employee link where an option to Add Employee is available.

How do I determine who can work a given position?

You can review all employees assigned to a given position by entering the Main Menu->Rules->Org Codes screen. Find the position of interest and click on the Employee link.

When an employee requests a change to their schedule preferences, when does it go into effect?

The option to have employees make requests to change their preferences is available within the Employee Self-Service login. This feature can be disabled by role or for all. If enabled, the employee can use the easy-to-use feature of selecting which hours of the day for M-S that they Prefer (green), Don’t Care (grey), Dislike (yellow) and Can’t (black) work.

When two or more employees sign up to pick up a shift and I select one to receive the shift, does the other employee receive anything?

All of the employees who sign-up to pick up a shift will be notified via the Message Center letting them know if their request was approved or declined. They may also receive an email and/or a text notification, this is based on each employee’s Notifications settings.

Can I print a schedule without some or all of the schedule bars?

Yes. Go to the Scheduler (Main Menu->Schedule->Scheduler), click on the Print icon or select Print from the TimeSimplicity menu. A new window or tab will open in your browser; press Cancel when the print dialog appears. On the left-hand side of each bar is a small “X”. Click on the “X” to turn off any bars that you don’t care to print. Use your browser’s Print command to print the schedule.