Web Time Clock

Easily accessible time clock solution for hybrid workforces.

spend less time worrying and more time growing

Whether it’s setting up a single device or having employees do it from their own stations, effortlessly connect and let your team quickly punch in and out.

Accurate Payroll Data

Accurate timekeeping data shared easily with payroll processing saves hours and avoids errors introduced through manual data entry, missed punches and faulty calculations.

Track Time Every Time

Automatically track time for onsite and remote employees, making it easy to review timecards, pay the proper wage and prove compliance.

Leverage Technology for Better Control

Enforce breaks, control overtime, job cost, and automate PTO management.

Digital Desktop Time Clock

The webclock app allows employees to clock in/out using a desktop device, fill timesheets, track time and attendance, as well as simply sync or export data for payroll.

Manage Meal and Breaks

Ensure employees take required meal and rest breaks through clock lockout. Timecards provide record of break compliance.

Manage Paid Time Off

Allocate, accrue and track use of sick leave, family leave, vacation and other time off. Employees can check their current PTO balances and request time off using any mobile device. Managers approve, modify, or deny.

Real-time Visibility

Managers receive alerts when employees approach overtime, allowing schedule changes to avoid excess labor costs. Customize pay rules, overtime calculations, compliance requirements, and time off accruals.

Stop Unplanned Overtime

Assign hours to specific projects, clients, locations or tasks. Capture mileage, expenses, tips or other data at the clock.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Geofencing and GPS locating make it clear where your employees are punching the clock.