Paid Time Off Requests

No more lost emails or paper forms. Employees anywhere, anytime, submit requests that instantly notify managers for review in schedule context. Mobile-friendly PTO Management creates an intuitive, employee-centric work culture.

Shed the Paper

Give your time off tracking wings by leaving paper behind. Employees love to know how much PTO they have and make plans for it. With 24/7 online employee self-service, they can do it all without the hassle, delays and risk of paper-based processes.

Toss the Calculator

No need to waste time calculating PTO balances for future vacation requests. Instead, balances calculate on the fly as employees build a time off request. Employees and managers can rest assured that time off requested is time off available. Balance calculations include accrual method and rate, PTO already used and pending time off already approved.

Comply with Leave Laws

Federal, state, and local governments set rules regulating sick time, emergency leave, and more. Industry norms, union rules, and business policies also influence how time is allocated and accrued.

Clear the Fog

See clearly how time off impacts shifts. Alerts make managers aware of each pending request in context of the calendar and who else is out. No more short staffing or missing skill sets due to lack of PTO visibility.

Anywhere Access

Any employee with any device can securely access PTO balances, approved leave, and pending requests at any time. This means they can request vacation while planning their trip, instead of waiting until they are in the office. Mobile-friendly access creates an intuitive, employee-centric work culture.

Know Where Your Employees Are

Geofencing and GPS locating make it clear where your employees are punching the clock.