Punch+ CLOCK

Punch+ is a low-cost workhorse that includes a biometric fingerprint reader, a proximity card reader, and a PIN pad.

Accurate, convenient timekeeping.

Clock In Solution punch card time clock series has the flexibility of magnetic stripe and proximity card modes. Choose the method that works best for your business. Instead of chasing down timecards and correcting errors, you can import employee time into a cloud-based time and attendance system. Make everyone’s job easier, managers, employees, HR and payroll.

Ensure proper pay for time worked by job classification

Eliminate clock errors and reduce abuses: make everyone’s job easier

Do away with paper timecards and tedious manual data entry

Correlate clock-in/out to projects and job classification for analysis and resource allocation

Stop losing productivity during shift changes with speedy contactless shift clocking

Sync with cloud-based time and attendance system including mobile clocks for centralized time and labor management




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