Touch™ CLOCK

Touch is an advanced touch clock with intelligent timekeeping built-in to speed punching and reduce errors.

Intelligent timekeeping for better labor planning.

Touch registers punches almost immediately by reading employee fingerprints, intelligently identifying each employee, and communicating directly with your time and attendance software over Ethernet or Wi-Fi. With the most powerful fingerprint sensors on the market, Touch clocks help eliminate time theft, collect employee data and make payroll easier than ever.

Collect exact clock data in real-time from every site and eliminate miscalculation, transposition, and other errors common to manual data transfer

Requires a unique fingerprint to clock in which
prevents time theft

Filtered prompts track breaks and meals for
improved compliance

Antimicrobial coating and less repeated contact than PIN clocks helps protect against surface transmitted infections

Better match rate than other fingerprint scanners prevents hold-ups at the clock-in queue

Can be combined with mobile clocks in the same timekeeping system for unified employee time data






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