reap the benefits of simple and affordable timekeeping

Our timekeeping solution was designed with “everyday people” in mind, which means that we offer timekeeping solutions that are simple to set up, and that make it simple for employers to manage employee time cards on a daily basis. Though the system also offers a variety of advanced timekeeping features, we can conveniently set up most of the “bells and whistles” behind the scenes so you can focus on simply collecting time, editing cards, and running reports.

Calculate Your Savings

Track actual minutes worked. Eliminate wasted labor minutes.

Cut Administrative Costs

Automate time tracking and eliminate administrative hours.

Mobilize Workforce Management

Manage your workforce with the user-friendly mobile app.

Increase Productivity

Pay employees for minutes worked only. Eliminate late arrival and early departure.

Eliminate “Buddy Punching”

Prevent employee time theft through improved accountability.

Simple Online Editing

Log in from any workstation to easily manage data online.

Reduce Labor Costs

Dramatically reduce your cost of labor.

Simple Hardware Setup

Easily set up hardware in a matter of minutes.

How It Works

We offer a variety of options for collecting employee data, which all send your employee’s punches to the web for simple editing and reporting by your supervisors. Data can be sent both through a standard phone/fax line (analog) or via a digital (Ethernet) connection, depending on your preference and/or location’s accessibility.

Once you have selected a data collection method (Web, badge card, PIN, fingerprint, etc.), we’ll set up your account according to your labor needs, creating an automated means of tracking and calculating each of your employee’s time cards.

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Function and Convenience

As an automated timekeeping solution, TimeWorksPlus is a practical way to keep things simple while dramatically reducing the administrative work involved in collecting and calculating employee hours. Our easy to set up hardware allows employee time data to be collected electronically with ease for the editing of time cards and generating reports for payroll processing. With Clock-In Solutions on your side, this solution simplifies the basics of timekeeping by eliminating manual transmission of data and human error as everything is done automatically.

PPACA Hours Alert & Reporting

Employee Self Service

Employee Leave Request

Track/edit missed punches

Multi-tier supervisor approvals


Job costing

Automated overtime calculations

Data collection at clock in/out

Labor distribution

Holiday tracking and payment

Punch rounding (in/out)


Online time card editing

Electronic data transfer

Custom pay categories

Flexible reporting features

Daily auto email report

Shift differential pay

Automatic lunch deduction

Multiple pay rate payment

Get the complete list of features with reports.
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Savings with Time And Attendance

Eliminated “wasted labor minutes” from employee time theft and approximations.

Eliminated time spent by payroll clerks in collecting and calculating time card data.

Minimized expenses associated with human error in processing timekeeping data.

Increased productivity and accountability for time worked by employees.

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