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Vision and Vision Plus Time Clock

New Challenges

As small businesses bring employees back to the worksite, employers are addressing new challenges that require intelligent solutions. Let’s look at a few of the challenges employers are facing…

With more employees, on-site punch lines are beginning to slow. Employers are looking for new ways to speed punch lines and better manage employee authentication. 

Traditional methods of authentication such as fobs or cards are easy to lose, and employees regularly forget passcodes or PINs. Punch problems can slow the process of starting work which reduces productivity.

Biometric fingerprint scanners have filled an important niche in convenient and secure punching. However, in some industries, worn fingerprints fail to register and disrupt the clock-in line. Employers in many industries are looking for solutions that can speed up punchlines, increase security and get employees to their workstations without reliance on fingerprint technology. 

Most employers with hourly workers pay more for labor due to hours theft. Unfortunately, many basic time clocks offer only a partial solution to prevent buddy punching and timecard fraud. 

To complicate the issue, employers with conventional clocks don’t often have insight into labor allocation because they can’t tie employee time to jobs or clients. Furthermore, most traditional clock solutions can’t capture data at clock-in such as job location or wellness information. 

Ease of use is another issue that sets advanced time clocks apart. Traditional punch solutions can be confusing for employees or are difficult to manage.

A new concern for workforce health has increased the adoption of employee wellness strategies.

Small businesses are working to ensure employees that wellness is a priority and that the office is a safe place to work.

An effective strategy to ensure employee wellness is thermal scanning at punch-in. Our new Vision+ clock features intelligent thermal scanning to ensure employees are healthy and ready for work.

Finally, synchronization with timekeeping software is essential for advanced workforce management. Without a real-time connection to your software solution, you simply aren’t able to take advantage of time and money-saving features that are inherent in modern timekeeping.

Bottom line?

Business owners using traditional punch solutions, or none at all, lose productivity every day.

We have a solution

Enter facial recognition and thermal scanning; the future of secure biometric time tracking. Facial recognition provides a fast, secure method of authentication that doesn’t need to be kept in a pocket or remembered.

Facial recognition solves new challenges as employees come back to work. It also helps employers prevent more types of time theft than with fingerprint, prox card, or PIN clocks.

Our new Vision+ clock features intelligent thermal scanning to ensure employees are healthy and ready for work.

Small businesses like yours can solve these problems and more with our all-new Vision and Vision+ facial recognition time clock hardware.

How Does Facial Recognition Work?

With faster processing, higher security and full integration with our time and attendance software, Vision offers an intelligent solution for modern timekeeping.


A faster processor means shorter shift changes. With Vision, facial recognition is nearly instant, and authentication takes less than a second. This ensures employees can start their shift without taking extra time at the clock. 


Vision features advanced security so that employee biometric data is encrypted and unshareable.

It also has built-in biometric consent so that employers can comply with new laws requiring employee consent to use biometric data. Compliance with biometric consent laws is already required in California, Texas and a growing number of additional states.

Facial recognition provides additional security to help you avoid buddy punching and other forms of time theft.


Vision requires only a face to authenticate so there is no need to carry a fob or card, and no need to remember PINs or passwords.

It also works in environments that are tough on fingerprints. Industries like hospitality, construction and manufacturing are notoriously hard on fingerprints, yet these environments are most in need of fast and accurate biometric authentication. With Vision, no fingerprints are needed, and say goodbye to cards, fobs and PINs.

In addition, Vision works in low-light environments, and is portable when using battery backup for remote offsite clocking.

Of course, Vision will accept PIN authentication where facial recognition is difficult.


Vision allows you to create custom clock prompts to engage employees at punch-in. Clock prompts can deliver notifications to an entire shift. Many employers are using prompts to screen employees for symptoms of illness. This reminds employees to be mindful of their health and its impact on the workplace.


The Vision time clock helps prevent punch errors by only presenting logical clocking options based on the current state of each employee. Employees who have yet to clock in will only see clock-in options. Employees who have clocked in will only see options for meals, breaks, or clocking out. 

With intelligent clock options, employees are less likely to make punch errors that lead to payroll mistakes.


With biometric consent, intelligent clock features, and full integration to our time and attendance software, Vision provides the ultimate in compliance. Employers can use clock prompts to ensure the proper classification is assigned to each employee on punch, and time and attendance records are updated in real-time.


Vision Plus features thermal scanning to help ensure that employees are healthy by scanning their temperature as they clock in. This feature is particularly helpful in a post-COVID environment where employers are looking for additional assurances that workers are well, and to help foster confidence among employees that wellness is a priority.
How does hardware integration affect my business?
Timekeeping has a profound effect on labor costs, operational efficiency and payroll accuracy. With hardware integration to our Vision clock, timekeeping becomes an intelligent process that automates workflows, increases security, promotes wellness and saves you time and money.

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